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Dive into our dynamic portfolio, thoughtfully curated for the elevation of creative family souls like yours. From an empowering self-growth book to an avant-garde life-elevating app, exclusive physical artworks and NFT art collections, and signature fashion and shoe designs — each project is a testament to our deep appreciation for your unique journey. Immerse yourself in transformative healing retreats, where love and honor pave the path to self-discovery. Our Zen coachings and spiritual guidance provide the independence to explore and embrace your authentic self. Experience partner-look bliss with our fashion and shoe designs, celebrating unity and individuality in every step. Infused with values of appreciation, love, and honor, anticipate upcoming ventures in luxury real estate and cutting-edge marketing — gateways to a richer life in both experience and prosperity. Embark on this collective journey of elevation, crafting a life resonating with creativity, connection, and the pursuit of true wealth in every aspect. Elevate your existence with Compound Elevation.
Ninja Zen

Ninja Zen

Start here, and join the Ninja Zen 90-day Mandatory Prep to our ultimate Zen Elite Masterclass

NFT | The Love Of Nature

The Love Of Nature

NFT | The Love Of Nature. Follow, Share with your trusted Nfts Collectors, and Shop!

Spirit of Nordia ©

Spirit of Nordia © Shoes

Celebrate your partner-look-bliss style. Click the image now to define your fashion freedom in our online shop!

Zen Growth

Art to Be

Art and Self-Growth Practical book for +1% daily compounding. Your DIY Porsperity masterclass home. Available Zen Growth Guidance Book as an in-app subscription

Zen Elite

Zen Elite Coaching

Join the Ninja Zen Mandatory Prep Quarter to our ultimate Zen Elite 555-day Masterclass - Apply - Click on this image! Fill out the form, and I'll give you a call booking link.

Spirit of Nordia Brand Logo 2024

Nordia Spirit

Spirit of Nordia © | Multi-dimensional Art | NFTs & Shoe & Fashion Design | Exuberant Partner-Look Bliss #partnerlookbliss

Compound Elevation App

Compound Elevation App

Compound Elevation App for daily use from anywhere You are.

Zen Wish

Zen Wish

Goals Stetting Zen Coaching | Your Aspirations is Your Command | From our Production Studion in the Balearic Islands

Coco Cora Coralie


Coralie Tinguely alias Spirit of Nordia © | Cocolines | +1% Daily Compounding Maaam!

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