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Daisitude: The Attitude of the Daisies

Once upon a time, nestled in the heart of a family embraced by tradition, there lived a daring black sheep named Shadow. Yet, as Shadow embarked on its transformative journey, something extraordinary occurred. Its very identity shifted, and it emerged from the cocoon of its old name as Nordia, the bearer of the family’s celestial dreams.

As Nordia wandered along the path of change, its dark wool underwent a magnificent metamorphosis. The once-black fleece now bloomed into the pure white petals of daisies, delicate and full of promise. These weren’t ordinary flowers; they were the dreams of ancestors, manifesting into a radiant display upon the flourishing branches of the family tree.

Nordia, now a living garden of aspirations, continued its journey, each step leaving a trail of blossoming dreams. The family tree, once burdened by the weight of old stories, now stood transformed into a majestic Daisy Tree, unique and resplendent.

The daisies on the branches became the embodiment of hope, resilience, and the desire for progress. Nordia’s transformation wasn’t just about breaking free from tradition; it was about embracing a new identity that carried the legacy of the past while reaching towards the sky of endless possibilities.

And so, the family’s story unfolded, guided by the radiant daisies that adorned their flourishing tree. Each petal whispered tales of determination and growth, weaving a narrative that transcended the boundaries of old statements.

The Daisy Tree not only became a symbol of transformation but also a beacon of inspiration for the family and those who would follow. The once dusty and stagnant family tree had become a vibrant testament to the power of change, dreams, and the beauty that could emerge from embracing the winds of progress.

And they lived happily ever after, their story forever entwined with the blossoms of transformation, under the radiant canopy of the Daisy Tree named Nordia.

The term “Daisitude” is not only a charismatic and inventive expression that immediately brings to mind simplicity, freshness, and the natural beauty associated with daisies, but it also represents a mindset of setting oneself up for success with a blend of relentless endurance, commitment, focus, and perseverance. This unique attitude, much like the endurance of daisies, requires dedicated nurturing of its valuable roots. While embodying a whimsical and carefree approach to life, it also carries a positive and uplifting connotation, making it a wonderful addition to express a lifestyle inspired by the essence of daisies.

Daisitude Secular Tree

Daisitude Secular Tree
Daisitude Secular Tree

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to reach such an appreciated and trusted attitude of unassailable success setups.


Here, I lay bare the chapters of my journey, echoing the resilient black sheep’s quest for transformation. It is a narrative woven with threads of spiritual guidance, multi-dimensional creation, and authorship. This space breathes life into the transformative essence of embracing a lifestyle that is Independent, Happy, Abundant, Healthily Healed, and Harmoniously Zen.

From the pages of “The Natural Interconnection” to the sacred practices of yoga, meditation, and ancestral zen warrior techniques, this journey reflects a rich tapestry of knowledge. As an acclaimed fashion designer, my Spirit of Nordia © brand celebrates partner-look bliss—an artistic evolution that extends into DeFi and crypto, championing visionary investments in freedoms.

In this dance of life, alongside my feline and avian companions, every step becomes a poetic demonstration of the power of Compound Elevation and Zen Living.

At Compound Elevation, we offer Zen coaching, introduction classes, and spiritual guidance, along with sunny and digital retreats. A crafted sanctuary for ambitious creative souls, this space is an invitation to personal, familial, communal, and business growth within a multi-generational dimension. Join us in crafting a symphony of well-being and joy, as we collectively lay the foundation for a multi-generational family empire.

Embark with me on this extraordinary, TBA for winter 2024, 555-day Zen Elite journey of self-discovery, where every breath, every practice, and every creation is a step towards a life of compound greatness. Here, we wholeheartedly embrace Zen Living, inviting you to walk alongside and experience the transformative Power of Compounding for yourself.

Let’s together create a symphony of well-being and joy at Compound Elevation.

Beyond our aptitudes, it's our Daisitude that propels us to new altitudes.”

Coralie, alias Spirit of Nordia © & Cocolines

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